In general, the external appearance of any building is called facade. The facade is the first image that is seen of the building, and in many cases, with the first look at the building and from the design of the facade, one can understand the use of the building, including commercial building, residential building, medical building and other uses. Architectural designers design the facade of the building, whose English synonym is Building Façade, with various styles.

The facade separates the outside of the building from the inside and distinguishes the public space from the private space. Design styles can be taken from different parts of the world such as ancient Rome design, Islamic Iran design, coastal areas design or other design styles.

Also, the design styles can be according to the time periods and so-called world fashions, including classic, neoclassical and traditional, and can be designed and drawn by taking advantage of the expertise of architects and relying on their knowledge. The design of the facade of the building is very pleasant and sensitive at the same time.

The facade is generally designed and executed from materials such as stones, bricks and wood, each of which can take a percentage of the design of a facade. For example, a brick facade with window frames and wooden railings. Also, the stone facade can contain a combination of brick and wood.

It has also been seen that the architect designers have combined the composite view, the glass view, the wood view and the brick view and presented an ideal and admirable output.

The architectural design group has gathered the ideas of the most skilled and experienced facade designers to create a unique work from your architectural structures and make your building look like a ring gem in the city. Just talk to us about your ideals and entrust the realization of your dreams to our expert group.