Today, there are few people who have not heard the word plan or building map at least once. This word, which is the English equivalent of plan, is actually the architectural plan of the building. Actually, Maytan took the plan as if the roof of the building was removed and we see it from above.

There are different types of plans that change their name depending on their use. For example, the facility plan is a map of the building that shows the facility with special symbols and abbreviations and is exclusively used by construction facility engineers, but the architectural plan is a map of the same building that is presented by the architect and in which all Spaces and their connection as well as openings are visible.

It is the only architectural plan that is available to the audience or the employer, because the designers use less symbols and it is easier to understand.

Designers in the field of architecture design the building by using their expertise and experience and draw all the plans separately, although construction calculations are basically in the specialized field of civil engineering, but architects always consider all aspects with relative mastery over various aspects of building construction. they take.

For example, the design of the pillar plan or the electrical plan of each building is related to different branches of architecture, but when designing the plan, the architect can predict the route of the pipes and utility ducts with the knowledge gained from the experience, and it is implemented after the final approval of the utility engineer.

Idea architectural design group has a lot to say in the field of plan design.

In the idea design group, we combine experience and creativity and obtain a magical elixir of designs and ideas, the result of which will be a unique structure and an eternal design. We are here to make your building as priceless as world famous works of art.

The plan design history of this group is not related to history, because regardless of the time dimension, it has tried and filled the empty pages with valuable lines. The dance of the pen on the paper attracts the attention of every viewer, what is going to happen between these creative walls? treatment? Education or life?

Of course, design skills are the first word. Whether it is residential or therapeutic design. A good architectural designer is someone who has acquired sufficient skills in the desired field and is aware of the standards and regulations of his field of activity.

Designers in the specialized group of Idea architecture have shown that they have significant experience and expertise in designing different types of plans by completing their different and unique projects and satisfying the employers.