The vast majority of architect designers see the site plan as the most emotional stage of architectural projects, because in watching the finished work of the site plan, the client becomes a bird as a viewer. The plan site is the soul of visualization, you visualize and like the 3D image of your building well, but the plan of the area will fly you up to a height of several tens of meters.

Your big building, which you take many steps to walk, will become small and manageable on the site plan, you will master all sides and neighborhoods and shading of the building. In short, all the beauty of the client’s project fits in one frame.

The plan site is a complete aerial image of the heights desired by the designer, through which the project can be better introduced to the owner.

There are different types of site plans depending on the use of the building, and it is clear that the landscaping for the hospital has many differences with the factory, school and other usages.

Each building in its military compound has different needs depending on its use, in order to consider the passages, green space, car parking space, and even children’s play, and each of the mentioned factors also has specific criteria and standards that the designers in the Idea Architecture Design Group, They are well acquainted with the rules and their nuances, and their experience in this field reaches ten fruitful years.

The architectural design group had the honor of cooperating with mass builders as well as many villa builders inside and outside the country, and this honor has multiplied with the praise and appreciation of the respected owners. The specialized design of the architectural plan website is a matter in which experience and expertise are the first words, experience is gained only by going through the ups and downs and challenges of different projects and over time, and it has a price like a jewel.

Specialization is also possible in both the factors of studying science in high degrees and seeking knowledge in cases such as climatic, cultural differences, natural materials, etc. And this is the clear advantage of Idea Architecture Design Group, which has spent many years in this direction and is ready to serve respected employers.